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Alumni Executive


Elaine Carlson

Daniel Cohen

Claude Dallaire

Angelo Lillo

Steve Mouck

Husham Hassan

The Alumni Association: Who Are We?

The Sir Winston Churchill Alumni Association grew out of the remarkable efforts around the school’s 50th  anniversary celebration. That event was a wonderful way of keeping in touch with all who attended and celebrated the many years of the school.


What Do We Do?

The Association helps alumni keep their connection to SWC by:

  • Supporting class reunions

  • Providing Information on our website on upcoming events

The Association has helped SWC and its students directly by:

  • Providing any extra funds left over for scholarships

  • The Association has supported and worked with the Archives volunteers at the school which has a remarkable collection of records chronicling many aspects of the school since its earliest days.


What Can You Do?

Support or Donate to the SWC Alumni Association. Your contribution allows us to continue our work supporting SWC Alumni events and helps us support any funds that go towards scholarships.

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